A trade management platform to enable importers, exporters and traders to do more business overseas

Protected Transaction | Secured Payment | Trade Finance | Unified Tracking

Transforming Your Cross-border Trades

Protected Transaction

Parties can insure their desired outcomes from the transaction independently or jointly in an escrow arrangement.

Secured Payment

Codify payment terms on the platform, make independent choice on how to pay or receive payment from a variety of payment methods.

Trade Finance

Trusted transaction parties can obtain trade financing plans by mutually opting in to special terms and conditions.

Unified Tracking

Transaction parties can jointly track the entire lifecycle of the trade – all trade details, documents, alerts and status of shipment and payment.

Transaction parties can jointly track the entire lifecycle of the trade – all trade details, documents, alerts and status of shipment and payment.

Use chat feature to record important conversations on a trade such as logistics and payments or attach screenshots from popular chat apps.

All transactions are encrypted and visible only to the transaction parties.

Pay Or Receive Locally
  • All local payment methods enabled - cards, bank transfers and wallets.
  • Payment protection features and timings synchronization with payment terms of the trade.
  • Pre - approved trade finance limits enabled when transaction parties opt in.
  • Currency conversion option available for spot and forward dates.
  • Option to split payment fees.
  • Painless experience with easy - to - use web and mobile apps.
Enhancing Trust In Cross - border Trades
Reduce the risks involved in doing cross-border trades
Get more options to pay and receive payments for goods and services
Get access to attractive trade financing terms for both buying and selling
Manage all activities of a trade in one place in coordination with trade counterparty
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About Us & Founding Team

EasierTrades is building an exciting platform for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to conduct cross-border commerce securely. It will bring together the best technologies and financial services that are only available to the large companies today and make them accessible to the SMBs. We will address the unmet needs of millions of exporters, importers, traders, brokers and service providers who form the backbone of a USD25 trillion global trade industry but do not have access to essential technologies for doing cross-border trade safely – such as counterparty risk assessment, trade assurance and B2B digital payment methods. 

Our goal is to enhance trust in the trade process so that SMBs feel confident about doing more business with overseas counterparties. Our platform is secured and easy to use. Our mobile and web apps simplify and digitalize every step of the process. Using our cloud-based platform, the SMBs can conduct business in a trusted, fast and convenient manner.

EasierTrades is a fintech – certified startup, a member of the Singapore FinTech Association.

Rahul Shinghal

Payments and High – growth Internet Businesses

Paypal, Stripe
Saroj Mishra

Banking, Treasury, Cross – border Trade & Investment

Standard Chartered, Citigroup
Arul Kumaravel

Development of Internet & Mobile Technology Products

Grab, Amazon, Microsoft
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